The Auction Corvette Attempts a 10 SECOND PASS! (Boosted Junkyard Engine)

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 21, 2019
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    Can Ruby run a 10 second pass... let's see if that transmission lets it happen!

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  • Jeremy Feagle-Bridgmon

    Jeremy Feagle-Bridgmon

     1 months ago

    Hell yeah brother!!!

  • SGTJDerek


     1 months ago

    Is it just me or did it sound like it was trying to rev. match on that second pass?

  • stacey frazier

    stacey frazier

     3 months ago

    Holy adverts 😣

  • Dan Arrato

    Dan Arrato

     3 months ago +1

    "That's my girl and she's still got oil pressure!"

  • Gabe Loftus

    Gabe Loftus

     4 months ago

    Ever considered air shifter ?

  • Thelas Time

    Thelas Time

     6 months ago

    OK, so that car is an auto, why does it sound like you are shifting a manual? And even if you were shifting the auto manually, it shouldn't sound like that, I would imagine...The engine RPM should be a sharp sawtooth pattern, with no lag before it accelerates in the next gear...Explanation?

  • TOOL1023


     6 months ago

    You guys are so fun to watch! I'm getting the itch!

  • RWT 1124

    RWT 1124

     9 months ago

    For that car leaving that soft!! I'm sure u knew very well that car would run a 10? U gotta get that interest from the crowd tho! I totally get it.. not like u will see this comment anyway..

  • routt ookc

    routt ookc

     9 months ago

    glad the turbo kit is working...but the hard tee right at the turbo really should be reviewed

  • routt ookc

    routt ookc

     9 months ago

    turbo slushbox out the gate....hell..yEAH BBRROOTTHHEERRRR



     9 months ago

    Isn't there any other place to put that turbo?

  • jdawg1866


     9 months ago

    I know zero about cars, but still like your videos

  • Wyldwind


     9 months ago

    I would like to see a ram air funnel scoop on that turbo inlet.

  • SouthFLRacing


     9 months ago

    Don’t you need a cage to run that fast?

  • captin nemo

    captin nemo

     9 months ago

    You guys are replacing cam thrust plate on front of motor it can cause low oil pressure problems

  • Austin Norflet

    Austin Norflet

     9 months ago

    im dying laughing about the pretty sure the tires are so old, that they wont make smoke thing haha

  • Mike b

    Mike b

     9 months ago

    That tractor flap on ruby is epic, love the channel keep it coming... what happened to the side by side?

  • JoeBlue 2188

    JoeBlue 2188

     9 months ago

    Speaking of which....where did the name "bartle-skeet" come from?

  • JoeBlue 2188

    JoeBlue 2188

     9 months ago

    Havin a bartle-skeet in ruby's cupholder was a nice touch

  • jojo alexxaannddrroo

    jojo alexxaannddrroo

     9 months ago

    were missin a ruby video🥺