twenty one pilots - Chlorine (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 22, 2019
  • official video for "Chlorine" from the album 'TRENCH' - available now on Fueled By Ramen.

    Director/Edit - Reel Bear Media
    Production Company - Hype Republic
    Executive Producer/Producer - Macario De Souza
    Producer/1ST AD/Post-Production Supervisor - Allan Hardy
    Producer - Cam Pianta
    DOP - Sean Ryan
    1st AC - Joel Eames
    2nd AC - Danielle Payne
    Steadicam - Justin Besser
    Underwater Operator/B Roll - Spencer Frost
    Gaffer - Tobais Anderson
    Key Grip - Kris Wallis
    Hair & Make up artist - Isabella Schimid
    Safety Supervisors - Mike Duncan, Jackie Murray
    Art Director - Yerko D'Alencon
    VFX supervisor/colourgrade - Joe Lancaster
    Primary 3D VFX artists & VFX supervisor - Tim Bahrij
    3D VFX Assistant - May Ringalh
    Motion Capture Actor – Dom Tomato
    Motion Capture Tech – Caleb Sullivan

    Sippin' on straight chlorine,
    Let the vibe slide over me,
    This beat is a chemical, beat is a chemical,
    When I leave don't save my seat,
    I'll be back when it's all complete,
    The moment is medical, moment is medical.

    Loving what I'm tasting,
    Venom on my tongue,
    Dependent at times.
    Poisonous vibrations,
    Help my body run,
    I'm running for my life.

    Fall out of formation,
    I plan my escape,
    From walls they confined.
    Rebel red carnation,
    Grows while I decay,
    I'm running for my life.

    Hide you in my coat pocket,
    Where I kept my rebel red,
    I felt I was invincible,
    You wrapped around my head,
    Now different lives I lead,
    My body lives on lead,
    The last two lines may read,
    Incorrect until said,
    The lead is terrible in flavor,
    But now you double as a paper maker,
    I despise you sometimes,
    I love to hate the fight,
    And you in my life is like...

    I'm so sorry I forgot you,
    Let me catch you up to speed,
    I've been tested like the ends of,
    A weathered flag that's by the sea.
    Can you build my house with pieces?
    I'm just a chemical.

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  • Operatic Fish

    Operatic Fish

     9 minutes ago

    💛 you are worth everything to me 💛

  • José 7u7

    José 7u7

     16 minutes ago

    2:14 😍

  • ditomlg gameplays

    ditomlg gameplays

     38 minutes ago +1

    Buenarrrrrdooooooooooo 😄

  • Mr. pon4IK

    Mr. pon4IK

     2 hours ago


  • Кира БезУбИк

    Кира БезУбИк

     2 hours ago

    My love song)))

  • Logan W

    Logan W

     4 hours ago

    The lead is terrible in flavor

    But now you double as a papermaker - Twenty One Pilots

    Deepest Quote of the Year Award

  • Railfanners Roundhouse

    Railfanners Roundhouse

     5 hours ago +1

    Doesn’t the first look like trico from guardian

  • Railfanners Roundhouse

    Railfanners Roundhouse

     5 hours ago +1

    Nice beat to it.

  • Jeff Lever

    Jeff Lever

     5 hours ago

    Needs more chlorine.

  • Flaviu Eftimie Ticusan

    Flaviu Eftimie Ticusan

     5 hours ago


  • Every ones Fan

    Every ones Fan

     8 hours ago

    Loving what I’m tasting
    Venom on my tongue depend in a time

  • LifeThroughAutisticEyes


     8 hours ago

    4:14 that grin though

  • pra pri

    pra pri

     8 hours ago

    Chalolin itu bagus

  • Emre CEKEN

    Emre CEKEN

     10 hours ago

    This weed is a chemical.
    The moment is medical.

  • Tristan


     10 hours ago

    Beat is My Chemical Romance

  • Saint Peter

    Saint Peter

     11 hours ago

    Josh is a friend we all needed

  • Maria Duque

    Maria Duque

     11 hours ago

    Love music

  • Meredith Laisa

    Meredith Laisa

     12 hours ago

    Tyler is just vibing

  • John Curtis

    John Curtis

     14 hours ago

    Do these sense even make lyrics



     14 hours ago

    Normal people reff songs = hate the fight (3.30 - 3.40)
    Me hear song = watefak2x :upside_down_face: (3.30 - 3.40)