The Billionaire "Problem", Black Panther Makes History, SCOTUS Allows Ban, & Crisis in Venezuela...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Cecelia Applegate, Neena Pesquesda, Brian Espinoza
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  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

     9 months ago +998

    Oxfam 00:06 - Oscars 2:31 - TIA 4:17 - Military 5:32 - Venezuela 8:22
    Hi. Hope you're well. I'm sleepy. I woke up before the morning show went live and then couldn't stop worrying that the scheduled upload was going to mess up, BUT it did give me time to watch Bohemian Rhapsody so thats a plus. Anyway if you haven't seen this morning's extra news deep dive click here:

  • Ianna80


     4 months ago

    This is so f**king ridiculous....... It’s actually REALLY REALLY SIMPLE........ You make more money you get taxed with a bigger percentage PERIOD!!!! It’s simple and funnily enough it IS the way it works EXCEPT for the top 1% witch is COMPLETELY un-American!!!! America is supposed to be the MOST equal place to live!! Yet it’s NOT, why?!?! Also about the whole LGBTQ argument & really religion/ANY argument that is a group of ppl trying to make laws about controlling another groups of ppl’s lives of how ppl “should” live there lives I ask/say this..... EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS PLANET WANTS THE SAME THING to live life w/ friends, family & significant others(who ever they may be), be loved & to love & live there lives peacefully. To have ourselves & all the ppl we love & everyone on this planet be happy, loved & live life the way we want!!! WHY CAN’T WE DO THIS?!?! How does one life mean more or less than other ppl’s lives, why does it matter what someone does with there lives as long as they aren’t HURTING ANYONE?!?! Why doesn’t it matter if they’re NOT CAUSING ANY PAIN?!?! Ok I DID NOT intend to make this comment to end up so long until I was done writing 🤪🤯😜🤣 love this channel & you DeFranco & be safe & loved everyone!!!

  • Maleor Gan

    Maleor Gan

     5 months ago

    Phil you should sue NY Times for using your likeness in that article about far right extremists.

  • HaveCourage


     8 months ago

    I come from a military family, so I understand the other side of this argument. Being transgender in the military isn't the issue and lots of accommodations have been made for them. The issues stems from if they go on tour and run out of medication and have no access to proper medical help that can be extremely damaging for them. It's not that they don't want to help, just you can't guarantee instant access to the help if issues arise. I have a friend that got turned away from the army because he needed an EpiPen, and they couldn't guarantee that he would always be within 30 minutes of a hospital.

  • Basic Stick Figure

    Basic Stick Figure

     8 months ago

    Maduro used to be a Cab Driver.

  • notsosxechris


     8 months ago

    I predicted that Infinity War would become the best film to never win (and probably not be nominated for) an Oscar and I was right. Now if only I'd bet money on it...

  • Vincente Sanchez

    Vincente Sanchez

     8 months ago

    How is Maduro a dictator? I sincerely wish you reconsider your stance before agreeing with Mike Pence. He is a democratically elected leader following his nations constitution, and the US is supporting a coup backing a political party that is illegal by Venezuelan constitutional law. They found corruption in the voting process and must have another election in the fraudulent districts as per their constitution. This is all reasonable, but the US wants to destroy any leader than nationalizes resources so that American business can have full access to it. This is about the 10th military coup in Latin America that the US has attempted, and is in line with recent military coups against Ghadaffi, Assad, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. We have seen how those conflicts have all ended, lets not jump on the bandwagon for another one. Let the Venezuelan people rule by their own laws and handle this themselves, and not jump in to help an unelected party seize power.



     8 months ago +1

    Can you please do another update on what is happening in Venezuela? There’s is now a link available for people to donate to help the humanitarian aid to come to the country. PLEASE update and SHARE the link so more people are aware of it and if possible can help!!

  • Isiah Martin

    Isiah Martin

     8 months ago

    Personally i think it's Crazy that lower-middle class workers can end up paying more than the wealthy n or corporations with the stupid amount of tax loops we give them. so not that agree with her policy; but if they want to keep tax loops then yea charge them more(like they do every body else) Either way, as long as they pay their fair share(and im not talking about any charity BS)

  • Colin Demeulemeester

    Colin Demeulemeester

     8 months ago

    HAHA YOU AMERICANS THAT GULIBLE black panther is nothing more than a cirtue signal from the whites that claim to be not racist, you knw, the ones that can only see race

  • shawn jackett

    shawn jackett

     8 months ago

    Black panther was the worst of all the marvel movies linked to infinity war

  • Johnny Avina

    Johnny Avina

     9 months ago

    It's funny that you don't have a stupid new deal video shill

  • Johnny Avina

    Johnny Avina

     9 months ago

    Even if the gov could tax the crap out of the richest people in America I still would never trust the gov to spend it wisely. If you want the gov to collect more taxas pay more taxas no one is stopping you.

  • Matt Helton

    Matt Helton

     9 months ago

    One illegitimate government calling out another country's illegitimate government is pretty rich, if ya ask me.

  • Kryojenix


     9 months ago

    I feel that your bias is showing in your positioning of the quotation marks in the video title. Would've been more neutral if you'd written The "billionaire problem".

  • Tony K

    Tony K

     9 months ago

    raising taxes will cause the rich to move and or find loop holes

  • Sean D

    Sean D

     9 months ago

    Taxation is theft. No matter how wealthy you are.

  • xSin MineCraft

    xSin MineCraft

     9 months ago

    It should start at 1 billion in my opinon mostly because 10 million cant be enough to invest into huge projects and outstretching into companies but the number will never be set

  • Sean Cartaya

    Sean Cartaya

     9 months ago

    No women were nominated for best director because none of the films worthy of best director noms were directed by women, not because women were snubbed. I'm so fucking sick of these false narratives that are constantly being pushed to stir shit up.

  • Sean Cartaya

    Sean Cartaya

     9 months ago

    How is it right for someone to only get to keep 60% of what they earn. I don't care if they earned $11m or $12k, it's still wrong for the government to take 40% of a person's earnings... and that percentage would go up significantly if they made much more money. Stop being jealous of the rich, and trying to take their money. Instead, put your effort into BECOMING rich yourself by starting a business, or creating something, or investing, or the many other ways one can gain wealth. People need to stop worrying about what others make, and focus on earning more themselves. Everyone has a woeful understanding of economics and finances these days. The rich aren't hoarding their money. Quite the opposite. They know that to stay rich, they need to make their money work for them by investing in assets, which in turn helps other people earn money. They also start business, which employ people. No one stays rich for long by sitting on their money. So why would you want to do away with the rich, when they are the ones giving people jobs? It shows the ignorance of the masses.