Half in the Bag Episode 158: Glass

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 22, 2019
  • M. Night Shyamalan made another movie. This one is called Glass.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/GTklK82aaTE


  • Paul Kaufmann

    Paul Kaufmann

     5 days ago

    movie was dog

  • JA SG

    JA SG

     7 days ago

    I love disagreeing Jay face. Like, well, I'm sorry you're stupid.

  • Misery Awoo

    Misery Awoo

     7 days ago

    "Interesting, but still kind of a failure"
    That's a great way to sum up Shyamalan's entire career.

  • Oh-not-the-bees


     14 days ago

    I watch this once in awhile just for Mike's "FUCK EVERYTHING!"

  • R Kaz

    R Kaz

     14 days ago

    The therapist was a pseudo villain until she is revealed to the the actual villain so the fact that we didn’t know about the secret society until the end didn’t affect my desire to root against them instantly after watching them kill all of the protagonists.

  • ExpressionAmidstCacophony


     28 days ago

    But I literally am watching a review for a movie I know nothing about.

  • wholetyouinhere


     1 months ago

    the best part about Glass was when m. night raceswapped the knockout game

  • I, Shen Bapiro. Want 10k subs without a vid.

    I, Shen Bapiro. Want 10k subs without a vid.

     1 months ago +1

    Amazing that m night went from the guy who made the sixth sense to the guy who drowned bruce willis in a fucking puddle

  • predominant


     1 months ago

    In the movie they talked about comic books like someone that never read a marvel or dc comic in their lives. It really irritated me. These people are supposed to be experts (mr glass and the psichiatrist) but its sooo generic. And at the same time the movie takes itself so seriously. Thats the same weak point Unbreakable had. For me the best one was Split because it didnt have any of this bullshit.

  • Metadeth193


     1 months ago

    I think this is a rare occasion where I agree with Mike pretty much 100%

  • FlyfishermanMike


     1 months ago +1

    I waited 20 years to watch Bruce Willis die in a puddle...

  • GOLDMANvision


     1 months ago

    Shoot Mister Glass. Drown Overwatch in his cell. Call the Beast by David Wendell Crumb and shoot him, too. The movie could have been over before it began if all they wanted to do was stop them, any means necessary. I get they wanted to rehabilitate them so perhaps they no longer had to kill superhumans, but at the end of the day, if many people die in the process of trying to rehabilitate just one superhuman...

    ...fuck it, I enjoyed a good majority of the film.

    And yeah, Dr. Staple could have called the Beast by his name at any point and shot him by herself. She could have killed all three of them at the same time of she used both hands and one toe to push the water button in Overwatch's cell.

  • pedro mutti

    pedro mutti

     1 months ago


  • UraharaShoten


     1 months ago

    As stand-alone movies, Split is probably the best. But when put in the context of a TRILOGY, Glass is mind-blowingly next-level and needs to be watched multiple times. Why would you watch just Return of the Jedi without watching the other two?

  • A Diversion

    A Diversion

     1 months ago

    17:45 That was a mark for the people who were of the secret society trying to suppress superhumans. In the diner flashbacks they all had it. Paulson had it too.

  • tyler keen

    tyler keen

     1 months ago +1

    X-Men first glass

  • Cyber Taco

    Cyber Taco

     3 months ago

    Can't f'in stand Samuel L Jackson. He's the same character in every movie.

  • AmountStax


     3 months ago

    I don't agree with the Bruce Willis criticism. His character in unbreakable, was that guy. Very dour and reserved. Being a block of wood is what he's supposed to be. The criticism should lay with M.Knight on the character he wrote, not Willis' performance.

  • Robert Hughes

    Robert Hughes

     3 months ago

    I was so excited for this, then I heard the negativity and the end spoiler, but knowing both of those made the movie better because it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be and was actually a good end to a trilogy.

  • Kynan George

    Kynan George

     3 months ago