Here's a Tour of a $2 Million House on an Ocean Cliff

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • This $2 million house is perched on an ocean cliff. Today I'm showing you the quirks and features of this rather unusual house. It's not a car, but it's still interesting, and quirky, and exciting -- and this house is worth checking out.


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  • More Doug DeMuro

    More Doug DeMuro

     9 months ago +11047

    "Ahh, yes, a house," you're thinking. "But does he climb in the back seat?"

  • Energy, Magnetism, light and geometry dielectric

    Energy, Magnetism, light and geometry dielectric

     6 days ago

    for those who see always see

  • Cx7 Sleven

    Cx7 Sleven

     7 days ago

    What! no Doug score?

  • K4yr4h


     7 days ago +1

    might want to lower the price, so it sells before it falls into the sea

  • Alan Harper

    Alan Harper

     7 days ago +1

    "THIS ..... (moment of silence).... is a house"

    Lol. What you don't say, Douggy. I thought it was a dog. ^^

  • LeviØsa


     14 days ago

    the ocean will test drive the house

  • Ben Y.

    Ben Y.

     14 days ago

    hes interested in reviewing your cool house

  • Kyle Graeme

    Kyle Graeme

     14 days ago

    Soooo kwerrrky

  • Bartimus Trashwalker

    Bartimus Trashwalker

     14 days ago

    I've been in way better houses that cost around 250,000. I don't think the ocean being out there is worth 2 million unless you have a dope sex lighthouse too.

  • Raja Zubair

    Raja Zubair

     21 days ago

    Hey doug I m from Lahore,Pakistan. I really like your videos and I want you to review my home and there I have an 83 Chevy suburban and I want you to review that too

  • Hideo 25

    Hideo 25

     21 days ago

    that is a poorly designed house in my opinion. No way its worth that much just because its next to the ocean. I grew up in Newfoundland where every house was next to the ocean and that house would have cost 200-250k

  • John the Pedo

    John the Pedo

     21 days ago

    It looks shit. Especially for 2M

  • ssvua


     21 days ago

    I was wondering how the Doug Score would factor into this. I gotta say it's a missed opportunity - the whole erosion thing actually allows you to give it acceleration and handling scores.

  • Biguitar


     21 days ago

    Well, for that price, this house needs a pool, on the lawn just in front of the sea..

  • Infovest


     21 days ago +1

    Not worth $2.2 MIL. I like how Doug tells you buy something... then tells you not to buy it. $2.2 MIL saved.

  • Leonardo Becker

    Leonardo Becker

     21 days ago

    2 things: 1 - I don't think you said you height in this video, missed that; 2 - was that sofa Alcantara?

  • Carter Lutes

    Carter Lutes

     21 days ago +1

    6:43 wtf am I the only one that finds this funny
    You have a room with a toilet "makes sense right" then you have a door. wow arent we the most descriptive bunch

  • alex ojideagu

    alex ojideagu

     21 days ago

    It looks like a cheap wooden shack. Why are American houses all made of wood?

  • Robert Czimmerman

    Robert Czimmerman

     21 days ago

    0 for acceleration.

  • Juancho Salao

    Juancho Salao

     21 days ago

    Doug got so bored on his vacation that he decided to review the house.